How IV Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Next Dentist Visit

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There was a time when sedation dentistry was not an option for patients. Going to the dentist was a terrible job for most people. They used to become so nervous that they preferred staying at home with their dental issues to visit the dentist to get suitable treatment. Thanks to sedation dentistry, this is no more the case!

The latest technology and innovations have given many solutions to modern dentistry. Today, you can get your treatment without fearing pain or discomfort. But despite all these facilities in modern dentistry, some people still hold a stereotypical perception of earlier days. They still fear visiting the dentist and receiving treatment.

If you are among those who avoid seeing a dentist and become anxious, this blog is for you. In this article, you will learn about the reality of modern dentistry. Modern dentistry is far from your fearful perception because it has sedation dentistry. So, let’s know about the 5 significant benefits of IV sedation dentistry that can make you fear-free and improve your next dental visit.

  1. A Pain-Free Relaxing Experience

Modern dental care uses IV sedation to carry out treatment processes. As a result, you no longer require local anaesthesia to feel no pain or discomfort while undergoing dental treatment.

For all those minor procedures that don’t hurt much, you can get sedation to an extent where you can feel relaxed during the dental procedure. However, you will remain awake while your Gisborne dentist performs the dental treatments. This technique is ideal for a minor dental practice where you needn’t require to be unconscious.

  1. Provides Better Treatment With No Gag Reflexes

Gag reflexes during dental treatment can be difficult for your dentist and challenging to manage. When you are calm and relaxed without feeling pain, you don’t cooperate with the dentist and let him do his job in the best way possible. As a result, you will get quality treatment quickly. It may result in fewer appointments and more savings on treatment costs.

  1. No More Dental Anxiety and Treatment Fear

IV Sedation dentistry eases your fear and helps in creating a positive dental experience. It makes you overcome your dental anxiety and nervousness. Knowing that you will feel no pain, you will be more confident in booking your next dental appointment. In addition, it’s needless to say that you will not fear your dentist while receiving your dental treatments.

  1. High Success Rate With Best Outcomes

When you are under the influence of dental sedation, you will forget about your dental anxiety or phobias. It allows your dentist to work efficiently without any distractions. Your dentist can perform multiple complex processes at once with complete peace of mind.

It will save you time and money. In addition, it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth faster. As a result, you will feel stress-free while booking more dental appointments in the future.

Moreover, many patients have unique needs and helping them relax entirely during treatment is necessary. It ensures that the treatment goes on well.

  1. You WillNot Even Remember It

IV sedation dentistry uses medications that will make you forget what happened during the treatment procedures. For example, you will be able to recollect only how you walk in and out of the dentist’s chair but nothing in between. This desirable outcome will reduce your stress or anxiety about the next dental appointment.

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IV sedation dentistry demands keen attention and supervision. So, it must be performed by an expert. Therefore, you must seek the best dental practice that offers sedation dentistry. Welcome to Gisborne Dental clinic. You will get a team of certified sedation dentists having expertise in sedation dentistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be put to sleep in dental sedation to carry on dental work?

Dental sedation is the process of making you remain at ease during dental treatment. It will not put you to sleep like a local anaesthetic. Instead, it will put you into a deeply relaxed and calming state where you will not be able to feel pain or discomfort. In addition, you will be in a conscious condition and able to communicate with your dentist if necessary. The common sedation is laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Depending on your medical history and other factors, your dentist will choose the right option for you.

What are the three methods of sedation used in dentistry?

Following are the three methods that have their benefits and uses in sedation dentistry:

  1. Nitrous Oxide – It’s a mild form of sedation where you inhale suitable nitrous oxide and remain awake while your dentist performs the dental treatments. This technique is ideal for a minor dental procedure where you needn’t require to be unconscious.
  2. Intravenous (IV) sedation – In this method, a sedative is injected into your vein. As a result, there will be a steady flow of medication, and you will remain on the edge of unconsciousness throughout the procedure.
  3. Oral sedation – You will get sedation medication as a pill. Oral sedation can make you drowsy enough to fall asleep. But your dentist can shake you awake if they need your cooperation.

Read more on our blog about sedation dentistry suitability.

How can I expect to feel during oral sedation?

Oral sedation or pill sedation is given in the form of pills at least one hour before the dental procedure begins. You may feel mild to moderately sedated based on the dose. Oral sedation will not make you unconscious, but you may feel drowsy and sleepy in the dental chair.

In this method, you will know what is happening and be able to communicate with your dentist. But you will not remember anything about the procedure afterwards. In general, sedations are safe for almost all patients. But it is normal to feel unsure about the process, so that you can ask about it in detail to your dentist.

What if I awake during dental sedation?

IV sedation dentistry is an ideal technique that helps you feel relaxed, calm and at ease during dental procedures. Sedation medications generally create low to moderate levels of sedative effects. So, it is normal to remain technically awake, but you can’t feel pain or discomfort. You will be in a carefree state.

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